Political Leanings of Selected Cartoon Characters

(Picture of Porky Pig)
Porky Pig
New Deal-era liberal. Big on farm subsidies. Supported Humphrey, Stevenson, Muskie, etc.
(Picture of Betty Boop)
Betty Boop
Not terribly political, but she was around leftists most of the time, having grown up in a Jewish family in Brooklyn. In the 1930’s, she sang at a fundraiser for the Spanish Republicans (at her brother's request). This came back to haunt her in the 1950's, when it made it difficult for her to get gigs due to the tenor of the McCarthy era. She ended up having to move to France to support herself, where she became an even bigger star than she had been in America.
(Picture of Felix the Cat)
Felix the Cat
A strict libertarian. Against censorship, taxes, workplace safety laws, minimum wage, etc.
(Picture of Mickey Mouse)
Mickey Mouse
Extreme right-wing Republican (some say even a John Bircher). Actively campaigned for Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan (an old friend from Hollywood days). A recluse ever since his stroke, he is said to have helped finance Buchanan's campaign.
(Picture of Bugs Bunny)
Bugs Bunny
Long-time Democratic supporter.
(Picture of Popeye the Sailor)
Popeye the Sailor
Was fairly liberal in his younger days, but he became an old, overweight, embittered reactionary who would sit watching television, bottle of rum in his hand, complaining about the blacks.
(Picture of Donald Duck)
Donald Duck
Too paranoid to vote. Frequently mouths off with convoluted theories about the Masons, the Illuminati, and the Trilateralists, but nobody can understand him due to his speech impediment.
(Picture of Goofy)
Votes for whomever Mickey Mouse tells him to vote for.
(Picture of Fred Flintstone)
Fred Flintstone
Rockefeller Republican, Nixon supporter.
(Picture of Elmer Fudd)
Elmer Fudd
Orthodox NRA member.
(Picture of the Jetsons)
The Jetsons
George and Jane, his wife, are lifelong members of the Revivalist Party. His daughter Judy, however, was voted president of the Young Neo-Whigs at her high school. This has caused tension in the Jetson household.

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